Upcoming Additions To The Blog

Starting next week I will have daily and weekly posts in an attempt to increase the regularity of new posts.  Every day I will feature a track of the day.  I would be lying if I said this wasn’t SEO or traffic related.  Anyways, the songs will always be chosen for a specific reason based on my moods or sometimes there are just really badass songs regardless of mood that will be worthy of noting for the day.  The songs posted will include a little description about why that song was posted and remember that there will be an eclectic mix of music.  These posts will be daily and along with that I have also added weekly posts for each day of the week.  The schedule will begin next week and will apply as follows:

Monday: Stat Line Of The Week (Sports)

Tuesday: Swelling Of The Week (Rant)
Wednesday:  Swolley Award (Will be explained in first weekly post)

Thursday: Hate For The Week

Friday: This Is Why We Are Fucked

Figured I would add some organization and continuity to the blog.  By no means is this a promise that there will be a constant flow of applicable or relevant information.  In fact it might even mean the contrary.  There might just be an oral defecation of words that essentially amount to nothing.  Either way I’m fine with it.  Just remember, if I have something nice to say its because I’m lying.


Bowl Season: BCS Game

Coming this Bowl Season:  The 2012 BCS Championship.  Most would think I’m referring to the Bowl Championship Series.  Not this time.  Get ready for the colossal match-up between powerhouse molesters Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine in the first ever Neverland Ranch sponsored BCS (Butt-raping Children Series) Championship game.  Both competitors have put together some astounding resumes that easily warrant prosecution and have managed to significantly damage the reputation of two extremely prestigious college sports programs.  Both have horribly creepy stories that leave the mind to only wonder how demented these 2 people actually are.  If I had to give the advantage to someone I will give it to Fine.  Sandusky seems to be alone in his quest for the ultimate accomplishment of being a child-rapist champion but Bernie Fine has the support of his wife.  Although Sandusky has this mysterious element to his case that he was possibly prostituting these boys out to other rich white sexual predators.  Could be a secret weapon.  Anyways,  Fine’s long time spouse has been aware of his molestations for years and not only that, she is quite a disgusting person as well.  After decades of Syracuse basketball players slamming Mrs. Fine, I’m sure sexual deviance is just as normal as taking a walk down the street.  Although judging from the looks of her I don’t she takes too many of those walks.

Attention People:  We are a pretty fucked up group.  The more we add people to this world, the more we will continue to see people like Sandusky and Fine.  The scary part is how dark and disturbed a lot of us are.  Clearly we all aren’t this fucked up but the line is thin between not crossing those social/criminal boundaries and falling victim to disgusting and socially/criminally unacceptable behaviors.  The worst part is the system in which these events have happened in.  The system promotes the idea that activities like the ones Fine and Sandusky were engaging in must be kept as discrete as possible.  The magnitude of the things these 2 men were doing make people go into a rage and start blaming everyone they can possibly assign some responsibility to.  Joe Paterno now has a giant gash in his legacy as a great football coach.  Yet now he has no job and will essentially go into exile until his death, which probably won’t be too far from now.  People like Joe Pa and Boeheim should not be held accountable for all these actions by two very disgusting people.  I agree that they probably could have stopped some of the offenses, and maybe less people would have been hurt but where are the parents in this whole things.  If they didn’t know anything was going on then they are bad parents.  If they did know something was going on and didn’t do enough to get these two sickos put in jail then they are just about the worst parents a kid can have.  We need to really start assigning a lot more responsibility to parents in this country.  Especially since most of them are terrible and the worst ones are having the most children.

At the end of the day those of us not involved with either or these horrible scandals can be happy that being “Sandusky’d” is officially becoming a phrase in the Urban Dictionary.  Sandusky’d: an event or occurrence of extreme, radical, violent, and/or comical rape.  If it were used in a sentence:  After icing their own kicker in the final seconds the Cowboys really Sandusky’d themselves.

Just Stop It

When the 2009-10 college football season came to a close I was excited knowing that it would be only months before I never had to listen to people talk about the religion-mongering terrible excuse for a quarter back that is Tim Tebow.  Unfortunately, due to interesting coaching decisions by a man that was fired by the Carolina Panthers…. Tim Tebow is the starting QB for the Denver Broncos and has been now for 6 games.  During this time span the team has gone 5-1, and of course Tebow lands most of the credit for this stretch of recent winning by the Broncos.  I guess we are just supposed to forget the fact that Tebow averages only 10 completions per game at staggering a 45.5% completion percentage.  If this is a man that deserves credit for barely winning games against mediocre teams at best, then I should go ahead and take credit for the NBA returning to action.  I did just recently pray [bullshit] for the season to start soon.  The Broncos are first in the NFL in rushing yards per game, they play in a shit division, and their defense has been playing great.  These are the reasons for the Broncos success (not Tim Tebow).  Well that and their schedule the last 6 games has been relatively light on the challenging side of things.  If anything, the Broncos success should tell you how important a good running game and defense are to having success in this league.

I’m just tired of this notion that the QB acquires wins.  Idiot Says: And well you can’t argue against Tebow, he’s 5-1″.  continues: “The job of a NFL QB is to win”.  I’m tired of that too.  The job of an NFL QB is to be an NFL QB.  Put his TEAM in the best position to win.  The job of the entire team is to win.  Not just one player.  I would even agree that QB is the most important poition on the football field but to say that a QB should only be judged by wins and losses is just ignorant (see Vince Young).  QB should be judged by his decision making ability and ability to make the offense run at the highest possible efficiency.  Its alarming how many people are actually believing in Tebow as an NFL QB.  Just goes to show me how little the common football fan actually knows about football.  Can we all just agree that this guy is awful at football and should be in line to be the next Joel Osteen.