Track Of The Day

When the subject of sex was brought up yesterday this song was mentioned as a theme song for sexual activity.  I agree.  Freddie Mercury is the greatest front-man of all-time.  Fact.

* This selection comes to you compliments of Mr. Double M


Track Of The Day

Today’s selection for Track Of The Day will be based on one of the single greatest car sing-a-long moments I have ever experienced.  Years ago I was driving with a friend and this song came on the radio.  As a pretty big fan of Boston I recognized the song almost immediately and found the tune a relaxing accompaniment to the drive.  Unsure if my friend knew the song I still decided to leave the station right where it was.  Given this person’s reaction I am surprised he did not issue any cues that he knew the song.  Silence through the verse and when the chorus began he burst out singing almost as if to serenade me.  I was shocked, excited, impressed, and slightly weirded out all at once.  Fantastic.  So this one is for the Magic in all of us.

Track Of The Day

Well I decided to go ahead and start the “Track Of The Day” a little early.  Went back into the memory bank for this Shaggy jam.  This song basically put Shaggy on the musical map where he reserved a spot the size of Nauru for just a few years.  Not exactly the greatest song in the world but on a cold day it has a summer feel and I just felt like it was time for a 90’s flashback.  The 90’s were full of heavy impact singles like this one, and I love trying to remember all the ones I liked when they were popular.

Where is Shaggy now?  I don’t care so find out for yourself….

Upcoming Additions To The Blog

Starting next week I will have daily and weekly posts in an attempt to increase the regularity of new posts.  Every day I will feature a track of the day.  I would be lying if I said this wasn’t SEO or traffic related.  Anyways, the songs will always be chosen for a specific reason based on my moods or sometimes there are just really badass songs regardless of mood that will be worthy of noting for the day.  The songs posted will include a little description about why that song was posted and remember that there will be an eclectic mix of music.  These posts will be daily and along with that I have also added weekly posts for each day of the week.  The schedule will begin next week and will apply as follows:

Monday: Stat Line Of The Week (Sports)

Tuesday: Swelling Of The Week (Rant)
Wednesday:  Swolley Award (Will be explained in first weekly post)

Thursday: Hate For The Week

Friday: This Is Why We Are Fucked

Figured I would add some organization and continuity to the blog.  By no means is this a promise that there will be a constant flow of applicable or relevant information.  In fact it might even mean the contrary.  There might just be an oral defecation of words that essentially amount to nothing.  Either way I’m fine with it.  Just remember, if I have something nice to say its because I’m lying.