My life consists of several attempts to make sense of what is in front of me.  Along with having fun, the most important goal of mine is to be aware.
I would say that at any given time I cannot stand 99% of the people on this planet or the activities in which they participate in.  Sure I’m not perfect but I promise that I at least attempt to control the damage that I do to our society and culture.  I am a white middle-class male in my mid-twenties and I already sound like generations that preceded us.  Our journey into the information age has also sent us spiraling through the loss of awareness age.  And I’m not talking about AIDS or cancer awareness.   I’m talking about awareness that should be much more important than AIDS or cancer.  We really need to pay attention to how ignorant and careless our actions are.  Sure it may just be an ignorant act of saying something stupid or admitting that you like watching Jersey Shore, but all these mind-numbing decisions translate in to worse more important decisions.  Behaving this way only ends up making us more accpeting when our leaders act the same way on a larger scale.  I kinda wish the movement for AIDS and cancer awareness switched gears and just started informing those 99% how to contract AIDS or develop cancer.
I am not normal or compassionate.  I am logical and egocentric.  I have no problem admitting that I practically know nothing other than that most of you are wrong.

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