Just Stop It

When the 2009-10 college football season came to a close I was excited knowing that it would be only months before I never had to listen to people talk about the religion-mongering terrible excuse for a quarter back that is Tim Tebow.  Unfortunately, due to interesting coaching decisions by a man that was fired by the Carolina Panthers…. Tim Tebow is the starting QB for the Denver Broncos and has been now for 6 games.  During this time span the team has gone 5-1, and of course Tebow lands most of the credit for this stretch of recent winning by the Broncos.  I guess we are just supposed to forget the fact that Tebow averages only 10 completions per game at staggering a 45.5% completion percentage.  If this is a man that deserves credit for barely winning games against mediocre teams at best, then I should go ahead and take credit for the NBA returning to action.  I did just recently pray [bullshit] for the season to start soon.  The Broncos are first in the NFL in rushing yards per game, they play in a shit division, and their defense has been playing great.  These are the reasons for the Broncos success (not Tim Tebow).  Well that and their schedule the last 6 games has been relatively light on the challenging side of things.  If anything, the Broncos success should tell you how important a good running game and defense are to having success in this league.

I’m just tired of this notion that the QB acquires wins.  Idiot Says: And well you can’t argue against Tebow, he’s 5-1″.  continues: “The job of a NFL QB is to win”.  I’m tired of that too.  The job of an NFL QB is to be an NFL QB.  Put his TEAM in the best position to win.  The job of the entire team is to win.  Not just one player.  I would even agree that QB is the most important poition on the football field but to say that a QB should only be judged by wins and losses is just ignorant (see Vince Young).  QB should be judged by his decision making ability and ability to make the offense run at the highest possible efficiency.  Its alarming how many people are actually believing in Tebow as an NFL QB.  Just goes to show me how little the common football fan actually knows about football.  Can we all just agree that this guy is awful at football and should be in line to be the next Joel Osteen.


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