Chapter One: WTF?

Recently I have made the decision to start my own blog despite the fact that I spend many hours of my week writing professionally for a website .  I have decided that I can no longer site idly by without commentary on things that are noticeably unacceptable.  During the first regular season game of the NFL season, NBC aired a trailer for a new Hugh Jackman movie titled “Real Steel”.

For starters the movie’s title displays an impressive lack of creativity, but that is nothing compared to the content of this futuristic boxing movie.  While watching the preview I assumed that it was some sort of joke and the movie trailer presentation was meant as a misdirection for something else.  As the trailer continued I realized, sadly, that it was an actual movie with an actual star trying to actually pretend that it might pose as some sort of blockbuster.  But OH!!.. Its in 3D!  Well that ought to make up for every other shitty element I saw in the preview.  Only problem is that is impossible.  Not even a collection of the best screen writers and directors could turn this abomination into anything remotely tolerable.  So this is where we have come to on the movie front in American.  Well, its not just movies.  Music and TV are also included in this group of upsetting media and entertainment.  We just come up with a formula for a movie, song, show, or whatever, and plug in the pieces as if it was color by the numbers.

After years of using this formula the entertainment industry has deteriorated to a point where good movies are made once every… who knows at this point.  The gap between good movies is constantly growing.  There are so many bad movies being made its incredible.  We used to at least get a few serviceable movies a year.  Ones that weren’t great but were at least tolerable, and weren’t so bad that I became so fed up that I created a blog.  If it gets any worse then you will probably hear about me on the news committing some heinous act(s).  I literally can’t even consider going to theater to see a movie anymore.   Movies are ridiculously priced and terrible.  The only movies being made now are shitty remakes, boring love stories, comic book movies, visually appealing 3D movies, and horrors movies that feature the same stories and plot that 50 others before it have done (sometimes they even combine some of the categories into a synergistic avalanche of shit).  It almost seems like a waste of time to give any new movie a chance.

I’m currently 26 and since 2007 I’ve been to the theater  twice.  I often refuse to see new movies just out of fear of wasting my time, and given my life habits I’m not sure how much time I have left.  You might say, well how could I say they are bad if I don’t watch them? All you have to do look at the components and the content.  If you tell me there is a new candy bar made of elephant shit and hyena semen, I wouldn’t have to try it to tell you that it will taste like how Adam Richman’s (Man vs. Food) shits must smell.


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